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Easy and safe dockside connections.
Introducing the Automatic Cable Reel by 4C INNOVATION

The Automatic Cable Reel is an innovative product that 4C INNOVATION has designed to make it as easy as possible to connect the electrical system to the electrical columns available on the docks of the marina where the yacht will moor. Since landing maneuvers are often frenetic and require great attention the 4C INNOVATION team designed the Automatic Cable Reel with this point of view that gives the ability to unwind the cable taken from the shore in a completely new way.

The Automatic Cable Reel is smart and can be controlled remotely

The Automatic Cable Reel can be operated both via a push-button panel, located in the frame that contains the mechanism, and via a practical remote control capable of guaranteeing the gathering and unwinding the cable, obviously also remotely. And what’s more,  the remote control features IP67 water resistance, floats, and works on marine certified frequencies.

The Automatic Cable Reel product is made primarily for safety and, despite the innovative capabilities it is equipped with, is still very simple to use.

Coming to the heart of the product, the mechanical system of the Automatic Cable Reel is designed to be efficient. It is able to evenly wind and unwind cables up to 30 meters in length without generating knots following the connection and disconnection operations from the electric column.


The system:

Safety is also guaranteed thanks to the frame in which the Automatic Cable Reel system is housed. The frame represents a highly protective element, specifically designed to protect the mechanical parts from splashes of water, dust, or other types of negative forces that could come into play during the unwinding/gathering phases of the cable, such as  a random object inadvertently falling on the system. But that’s not all: it also protects the person from improper use as the frame represents the real shield of the Automatic Cable Reel.


Automatic cable reel mechanism


The system is equipped with important automations such as the LIMIT SWITCHES. In practice, the LIMIT SWITCHES are the functions that intervene automatically, blocking the mechanism once 30 meters of available cable have been unwound. Similarly, the rewind system locks itself when all the cable has been rewound. This increases the confidence and safety of the skipper and crew who, thanks to the automatic limit switch do not need to worry about breaking anything on the system due to mistakes.

It should also be noted that the socket located on the frame containing the Automatic Cable Reel is equipped with a door fitted with a sensor that recognizes the open door and any connected plug. In this case the system, for safety reasons, automatically blocks its operation of unwinding and rewinding the cable. Therefore, for the Automatic Cable Reel to work, the plug must be disconnected and the door closed, so any oversights by the crew are no longer a problem because the Automatic Cable Reel can recognize danger. 4C INNOVATION can supply all types of electrical sockets and plugs based on the owner’s particular needs.


Control Panel: everything at your fingertips

The control panel is designed to offer great ease of use and features the 4C INNOVATION logo in the center, right between the two satin-finish steel buttons suitable for use in work environments, whose functionality is precisely that of operational control for winding and unwinding.

The other functions of the panel include three different system status signals. The hand control is perfectly integrated in the case of the Automatic Cable Reel but can be installed on another point of the boat upon request as well as an additional control panel, also equipped with the same functions present on the central panel.


The Automatic Cable Reel System is enclosed

When it comes to product customization 4C INNOVATION does not underestimate this concept at all. The Automatic Cable Reel case is designed so that the electric cable can come out from three different directions, i.e. to the left or right of the box or also above the box itself. This makes it possible to see how the product can be positioned on board the yacht, wherever the owner or shipyard prefers it which is an important advantage in the case of a refit.

The box of the Automatic Cable Reel, then, contains the whole system in its entirety and limits the encumbrance on board to a minimum. There is another possible customization, the CABLE ROLLER GUIDE, which allows the electric cable to slide in the most efficient way possible and can be “made to measure” in order to adapt it to the particular needs of the yacht. The curve of the guide can vary on each project in order to ensure better circulation of the cable.

Automatic Cable Reel 4C Innovation

An ultra-resistant electric cable

4C INNOVATION always chooses materials that fully comply with the required safety standards in the electrical and nautical fields. The cables are special and specifically chosen for this type of application so that they can wind and unwind without problems. The cables are flame retardant, oil resistant, free of halogen materials and, in addition, offer excellent resistance to UV rays and exposure to any chemical products. With the Automatic Cable Reel we can kiss the nightmare of knotted cables, disorder in technical rooms, and wasted time and effort goodbye, and replace this with a practical, professional and aesthetically harmonious product with the technical rooms on board.