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On board of superyachts and ships, there are many elements that contribute to making the structure of the boat functional, but there are few that give the boat efficiency and at the same time a certain attraction at every moment of the cruise. We are referring to that aesthetic, and above all logistical, contribution aimed at facilitating night navigation, during which the sea is tinged with the darkness of the sky and only a beam of light is able to illuminate the route underwater and along the surface. We are talking about underwater lights, an accessory that has now become essential on yachts and megayachts.

The new collection of Sea Led Evo underwater lights by 4C Innovation, designed to obtain the best lighting performance and ensure maximum boat safety even at night, is inspired by three cornerstones: first-rate lighting performance, flexibility in lighting system setup and agility in terms of maintenance, which means extending the life of the product and keeping it in top condition for longer.


Sea Led Evo underwater lights: triple protection against infiltration, overvoltage and overheating

The Sea Led Evo lights (connected to drivers and digital control systems) are designed by the technical office of 4C Innovation, in possession of the ISO 9001 certification for the production and management of each product. Before being dispatched, the lamps undergo rigorous in-house quality checks and a series of tests in accordance with the Lloyd’s type approval register.

The underwater light for metal hulls, which can be disassembled from the inside to replace the lighting core, consists of two elements: the cofferdam, which must be welded and cut, and the lamp, which is installed on it. The lamp, in turn, is made up of three protective barriers against infiltrations: an external flange in tempered glass; an internal flange glued and fixed with aluminium to the silicone lenses; the lighting core, sealed and resined, where the internal cables pass; it is equipped with a high pressure resistant cable gland. The lamp is also protected by an electronic system which is automatically activated in the event of overvoltage and overheating.


Iso 9001



Sea Led Evo headlights: custom production, authoritative naval certifications

4C Innovation laboratories are equipped with pressure tanks to test the 8-atmosphere lamps. The lamps, as we said earlier, are then electronically calibrated to be configured in plug and play mode.

The production is “custom” right from the early stages: the technical office, upon customer request, performs 2D and 3D simulations in order to determine in the preliminary stage the number of lights according to the preferred beam or the desired effect, avoiding the use of tanks or bulkheads as much as possible. Once this step has been completed, we move on to the executive design, which establishes from a technical point of view the procedure for installing each individual light on the hull, as well as their position and inclination.

4C Innovation Sea Led Evo Series is also certified by the most important naval registers, such as:


sea led certification

*DNV is a certification currently in development.


Sea Led Evo: three different light beams and a world of colours

In line with the most modern LED lighting concepts, the light beam of each individual lamp is emitted through special optical lenses made of silicone material which resists the high temperature generated by the photon beam leaving the lamp and which is capable of emit three beams of light:

– 35° beam, a narrow and concentrated cone of light with a “flame” effect, in an alternation between light and shadow;

– 70° beam, for an intense and uniform light effect, capable of maintaining a perfect balance between the longitudinal light emission and the opening angle of the cone;

– 100° beam, a wide beam of light which eliminates the dark areas between one lamp and another, creating a “frame” effect around the hull; passing through the lenses, and not through the flanges, the light cone is perfectly round instead of elliptical, thus improving the effect of the light underwater (the 100° light beam represents the current trend in lighting underwater).


Different Beam Selection


To create ever-changing underwater light effects, the new Sea Led Evo line features, in addition to the classic white, a vast range of lighting colors.


Colored Underwater lights