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New product: Led Yacht Name

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in naval electrical/automation systems and 30 years in LED lighting solutions, we decided to make high quality Name Led Light.

We can assist You in every step to make your idea come true.

name led light project

Our Plus:

We create or analyze your logo to better comply with the best lighting result


Name led light Spotless

Thanks to our lighting technique and research into materials we can achieve a spotless result on the inner acrylic layer when lighted



name led light mirror effect

The AISI 316L steel processing is made following the best manufacturing practices that guarantees a durable polishing


name led light yacht rgb w


The NAME LED LIGHT is also available in RGB and RGB-W.



name led light yacht ip 68


IP68 makes the yacht sign suitable for submerging transom doors. The inner layer is made of a UV marine acrylic resistant to UV rays and sea salt


led yacht name yacht installation

4C Innovation can also provide installation service, guaranteeing a full service from manufacturing to start up

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