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On board a superyacht or ship, it is the navigation lights that make all the difference in terms of safety. They provide an unmistakable message as to the orientation of the vessel and any manoeuvre it is performing. Not only that: the navigation lights, designed essentially to allow the vessel to be spotted at long range, help prevent possible collisions with other vessels, subject to knowledge of the rules governing the composition and use of the lights, as well as their correct installation.

4C INNOVATION headlights inspired the new navigation lights regulation

4C INNOVATION’s LED navigation lights, produced between 2013 and 2014, are the first product in the range to be inherited from the Cantalupi Group. On the basis of the experience gained by the Tuscan holding company in the field of electrical installations, on-board systems and the use of LEDs, 4C INNOVATION has taken a further step forward, producing an even more complete and therefore even safer device. An evolution that we could define as far-sighted, because it actually anticipated the change in regulations concerning navigation lights that took place in 2019, which introduced for the first time some peculiarities that distinguish precisely 4C INNOVATION’s LED lights, whose luminous intensity gradually decreases without changing their power consumption. The new regulations stipulate that, when the light intensity of the light falls below the level set by the COLREG (Collision Regulations), an automatic alarm function must be activated to warn the deck officer; the LEDs must also only be used within the lifetime specified by the manufacturer in order to maintain the necessary luminous intensity of the LEDs; finally, the lifetime of the LEDs must be declared by the manufacturer on the basis of tests carried out on the decrease in luminous intensity. These are all prerogatives that characterise the 4C INNOVATION navigation lights, which are capable of sending an alarm in two particular cases: when there is a short circuit or when the LED loses brightness without going out.

control lights and alarm

No additional devices: 4C INNOVATION navigation lights stand on their own

But what makes the 4C INNOVATION lights a unique product is their total autonomy, i.e. they do not require the presence of additional devices to control the lights and the alarm, as the electronic component is already incorporated within the light itself. This is a real innovation because all systems on the market monitor the status of the lights via devices built into the control unit. With 4C INNOVATION’s LED navigation lights, on the other hand, installation time (and costs) and wiring inside the switchboard are significantly reduced. In addition, they require no special cleaning or maintenance, except for what is strictly necessary.

no devices

Over 3,500 lights sold in a decade and installed on board yachts and superyachts

Nearly ten years after their creation, 4C INNOVATION navigation lights, the company’s flagship product which are suitable for vessels over 50 metres long by means of the MED CERTIFICATION, have been a great success, especially on the international market, becoming the reference item for shipyards producing luxury yachts and superyachts: since 2014, more than 3,500 lights have been sold, for an average of around 437 vessels on which 4C INNOVATION navigation lights are installed, which are safe, reliable and long-lasting. An emblematic fact demonstrates this: to this day, even the first lights installed almost ten years ago are fully functional and warranty returns are less than 1%.

A sleek, modern design conceived for the most prestigious nautical projects

Appearance matters too. This is why the 4C INNOVATION navigation lights not only benefit from a light that is perfectly adapted to even the most extreme marine conditions, but also from an aesthetic point of view: the elegant, avant-garde design combines classic forms and modern finishes. These are available in steel and aluminium, as are the three matching accessories: the deck bracket, for horizontal mounting; the side bracket, for vertical mounting; and the round bracket, with its circular structure.

The steel version is the most prestigious as well as the most in demand, especially in top-quality nautical projects such as Oceanco’s sailing yacht KORU, the new superyacht commissioned by Jeff Bezos, or the motor yacht ANAWA, built by the Dutch shipyard Damen.

Stainless Steel Aluminium Navigation lights

accessori navigation lights

4C INNOVATION navigation lights: quality control from production to testing

The high quality standards of 4C INNOVATION navigation lights are recognised through the MED Certification for vessels over 50 metres. Not only that: the built-in control system is also certified. The tests included in the certifications are: EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), IR (Insulation Resistance), IP68 (International Protection Degree), Electromagnetic Compatibility Test, Environmental Test Report. 4C Innovation is also ISO9001 certified, thus guaranteeing production quality control.

4C Innovation Certifications

The very high quality of the 4C INNOVATION lights is also guaranteed by a double check carried out on both the production process and the testing phase. But the most effective test remains the use you make of them on board your boat. And, given the positive feedback obtained during almost a decade on the market, we can say that 4C INNOVATION LED navigation lights have passed the test brilliantly