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Large boats such as yachts and superyachts are crafted like precious jewels. When shipowners receive the object of their desire, the placement of the name becomes the element that identifies it (also legally) and defines its essence. Superimposing the name on a megayacht is an operation of great importance and must be planned in detail. There are mega yachts with multiple decks (with terraces, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and helipads), so regardless of the installation of the illuminated name there must be an engineering team that knows how to propose the right materials, structure, construction techniques, and the installation at the height of the boat on which it will be installed.

4C Innovation
is part of the Cantalupi Group, a reference point for skill and craftsmanship in LED Lighting. The technical office of the group’s technological branch offers the Name LED Light which follows the process of graphic design of the yacht name, and creation and installation of the illuminated name for the yacht, superyachts and mega yachts. The graphic designers are specialized in creating all types of backlit signs for yachts by adopting the appropriate techniques according to the shapes to be created, the unique installation requirements, and the materials chosen with the client for the realization of the illuminated writing on the yacht.


Illuminated yacht letter

The project phases
for illuminated yacht signs according to 4C Innovation are as follows:

The illuminated yacht sign project name. The owner participates in the ideation phase through images and sketches and then works with a graphic designer who starts the project by utilizing fonts and logos from the supplied designs and reworks them based on the owner’s wishes to personalize them for each specific project.  The use of italics is very popular for its elegant and refined rendering, but the realization of the illuminated writing in italics represents a considerable technical difficulty in keeping the letters connected and well lit. If you do not rely on competent professionals you risk ending up with a disappointing result. 4C Innovation has developed techniques and methods to be able to create even the highest level italics. For the illuminated logo we follow the same process, after having received the images of the symbol the technical office will proceed with the engineering phase and then the production.

The use of materials. To obtain the perfect lighting effect and ensure that the illuminated writing is resistant to the marine environment, 4C Innovation chooses specific and special materials:

  • Aisi 316L stainless steel polished according to the most exacting manufacturing processes lends itself to obtain an exceptional mirror effect, and once passivated, or rendered less susceptible to erosion by the environment, it guarantees long life in the marine environment.
  • Methacrylate which is resistant to the sea and UV rays.

In special cases the illuminated light can also be made of aluminum with special treatments for the marine environment and / or specific paints for the sector.

Illuminated yacht sign

The techniques to give shape to the luminous name.
The LED illuminated names for yachts  by 4C Innovation are made to measure according to the requests of shipowners and boat owners. To realize the name of your wishes, the company uses a wide range of manufacturing techniques that allow you to carry out any type of project you have in mind.

  • The standard technique is that the name is placed in adherence to the hull and the light diffusion occurs through the underlying methacrylate;
  • If you prefer that the name appears slightly spaced from the hull, it will be mounted on stainless steel spacers. The spacers give greater diffusion of light and are also used when the installation cannot take place from the rear;
  • For the names of luxury yachts to which you want to add even more value, instead, you can opt for box letters; this technique involves the construction of a stainless steel box with a thickness of about 20 mm. To achieve it, steel is welded using manual processes, which is then polished both on the front and on the edges. The light source is inserted inside and then everything is installed through the spacers. All this gives the name an impressive and three-dimensional aesthetic effect;
  • If, on the other hand, you want to highlight a bright frame the steel name will be inserted into the methacrylate creating a border of light. In this way, the sharpness of the line is increased and it will be easier to read in the dark;
  • The double finish is a process which enriches the illuminated name with two different metal workings, creating a movement that makes a pleasant 3D result reinforced by the luminous effect;
  • For names that need to be light and at the same time resistant, a methacrylate structure worked from solid will be used, which in the upper part will be finished with a special paint for ships rounded on the edges for an elegant effect;
  • By placing the illuminated name standing on supports you will present the illuminated name of your yacht in a completely new and three-dimensional way. It will be visible from both inside and outside the ship.
  • Another technique that embellishes the finish of the stainless steel names is illuminated carved steel. A thin line is cut from the metal letting the illumination of the letter emerge from the underlying methacrylate.
  • If there are glass walls in your yacht and you want to see your yacht’s name suspended in transparency, it is possible to superimpose the name on this material as well. A classic example can be the installation on the glass of the swimming pools present at the stern of the yacht.
  • Special materials can be used in addition to the techniques listed above. By entrusting the design to 4C Innovation, the letters of your name for luxury yachts can be made of special materials such as ceramic or others and enhanced by LED lighting.

Once you have chosen the materials and the most appropriate technique to create the design of the name, all that remains is to devote yourself to the luminous tone of the LEDs. 4C Innovation can also offer you various options: the RGB + W Collection can reproduce any color and choice of white from the warmest 2700k up to the coldest 7000k to coordinate with the color temperature of the yacht’s external lighting.

Any sign for yachts produced by 4C Innovation are tested in our laboratories and have an IP68 guarantee. This will allow you to place your name in complete safety even on the stern hatch.

RGB W Collection

Visit the 4C Innovation web page to explore all our completed projects and contact our technical department to request any type of project for your illuminated yacht name.