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Metstrade is back and 4C Innovation will be there to exhibit its products in the name of innovation, safety and quality

After the challenging last edition, still marked by the resurgence of Covid which led many exhibitors to cancel their appearance, Metstrade, the B2B tradeshow dedicated to nautical accessories, is back. The doors of the Dutch show will open from November 15 to 17 at the RAI in Amsterdam, renewing an exhibition ritual aimed at the big players in the nautical world that has been a tremendous success since 1988.

Green zero”, the carbon neutrality objectives of the European Union, dedicated to sustainability, new hydrogen propulsion systems, less polluting materials and, above all, more attention to the marine environment is what will be flowing through the veins of the Salone this year.

Last year’s Metstrade was attended by 1105 companies from 44 countries and this year 65 Italian companies will be present. But in reality, the whole of Italian nautical culture will be the main character at Metstrade 2022, because inspiration is, needless to say, Made in Italy. With undaunted dedication, Italian boating confirms its solid and visionary objectives at the same time.

An example. If we look at just the United States market, the export of the national sector has a turnover of 485 million euros. In short, on the strength of double-digit growth, nautical Made in Italy points the rudder to starboard, proceeding relentlessly towards an innovative future, characterized by sustainability and digital transition without renouncing the typical tradition of beauty and quality that has made it great globally.

Nautical Culture is Made in Italy and 4C Innovation is the main character of excellence

4C Innovation, part of the Cantalupi Group Holding founded in 1951, also composed of Cantalupi Electric Systems and Cantalupi Light Engineering will be exhibiting at Metstrade 2022. The trio of aces of the Cantalupi group which has treasured the prestigious axiom Made in Italy by including it in its entirety in its corporate philosophy together with assiduous research. Cantalupi Group Holding has 100 direct employees, seven production plants with over 8,000 square meters of useful surface, and over 90 countries served in the world. In total, the group has equipped over 800 boats with its systems and products. 4C Innovation, on the occasion of the Superyacht Pavillon (stand 10.320A) will exhibit numerous accessories for yachts and superyachts. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Light up the sea

Let’s start from the Led Underwater Lighting – Sea Led by 4C Innovation. The photos speak for themselves: tested at -25 ° C, the underwater lighting system makes yachts look more wonderful at night than they are even during the day. The beauty of the boat, thanks to the special light play that permeates it with marine colors, is maximized. The stunning effect from the Sea Led lights coupled with the transparency of the water is super refined and reaches the uppermost levels that luxury yachting aims to without neglecting the attention dedicated to safety and maximum adherence to all the regulations in force regarding pleasure craft. The lights, in fact, possesses the certifications of Lloyd’s and Rina register, confirming an objective of quality and safety without limit in line with the most up-to-date international standards.

Exhibition stand 4C Innovation products Metstrade

Automatic Cable Reel: the smart system for shore power supply

This machine is a surprising product for several reasons. The Automatic Cable Reel makes it possible to automatically rewind the electric cable for powering the electrical system of yachts and megayachts. Once unwound, it allows connection to the columns on the quay, guaranteeing a useful extension of up to 30 meters, without creating knots in the cable during the unwinding and winding operation. The product is equipped with several safety systems: on the cable, on the plug, and on board, where it connects to the electrical system. It is also equipped with an automatic limit switch that blocks the Cable Reel system to ensure maximum safety when the cable reaches its maximum extension.

Navigation lights: safety, technology and design

The Navigation Led Lights represent a product of excellence that encompasses beauty and is designed especially for luxury boating. In terms of performance, there is a high-tech imprinting that guarantees maximum safety on board the yachts. These lights, equipped with an internal electronic circuit, are able to inform the Captain in the event of an emergency by sending the alarm to the bridge. In other words, in the event of a short circuit, damage to the LED, or when the light itself simply loses brightness without turning off, consequently falling short of what is required to comply with the COLREGs certification, the Navigation Led Lights are able to identify the fault in all three cases and communicate the alarm to the control system. They also incorporate different degrees of innovation, characterized by quality of materials, design ideas, great aesthetics and functionality tailored to the individual pleasure craft. From a technical point of view, these lights integrate electronics capable of imparting the necessary inputs to the Captain on the bridge, ensuring maximum safety during navigation. Each light, crafted using the highest quality materials that are resistant to the harsh and sudden environmental changes of the marine ecosystem, communicates with the on-board system, promptly informing the Captain in the event of a malfunction.

Never underestimate the name of a yacht 

Design and luxury are lifelong companions in the nautical sector, each pushing the other to greater and greater heights and it is often the name of each yacht that summarizes this union in just a few letters. 4C Innovation does not underestimate this union at all. The logo, the signature of these nautical jewels, gives rise to another product: the Name Led Light. In backlit steel and highly visible according to nautical standards this product uses a technology called Varilight which ensures a wide range of color palettes, while offering a truly uniform color rendering. The result is the name of the yacht, expressed uniquely and in pure elegance.

Exhibition stand 4C Innovation Metstrade

The Lighting Studio that’s made to measure

4C Innovation also offers a Lighting Studio service that combines research involving the 4C Innovation technicians together with the owner, the designers, the shipyard and the project managers. The technicians can complete a light study simulation in 2-D or 3-D, useful for determining the number of lights needed on board even from the design phase, based on tailor-made particularities of the boat design.

The lighting studio service is dedicated to both underwater lights and the Name LED Light, a bespoke service that uses custom fonts, logos or sketches to customize a LED light with the yacht’s name for a touch of class and elegance.

In fact, 4C Innovation has invested heavily, and will continue to invest in this service, in terms of research, cost-effective solutions, new materials and new products ready to satisfy its customers, placing itself not only as a supplier, but as a partner alongside the customer to face the most important and decisive challenges, providing expert know-how, consultancy, experience, and passion dedicated to working together every day.

4C Innovation, then, at Metstrade will be ready to unveil special innovations that have been kept in store for the occasion of the great Dutch event.

Just how big is Metstrade 2022?

Curious? Exhibition spaces covering 1,328 square meters are available for Metstrade exhibitors in hall 12. But there is more. The SuperYacht Pavillion (hall 10 and hall 11) has been specifically designed for facilitating meetings between the Marina managers of the most innovative shipyards, naval architects, and designers. And the atmosphere this year is all about sustainability. Metstrade 2022 also includes exclusive spaces for the largest boats that you’ve only dreamed about. The SuperYacht Pavilion (halls 10 and 11) gives the best suppliers and manufacturers of the most promising nautical segment a special place to exhibit.