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Among the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, signed in 2015 by 193 UN member countries, the fight against climate change was one of the main issues addressed. Individual companies have also been called upon to make their business more sustainable. Thanks to the importance that sustainability has assumed within the governance of a company, the credibility of a company also depends on its alignment within its production and business processes with respect for, and protection of, the environment.

4C Innovation has structured its governance for greater sustainability

When we talk about the choices made by a company in sustainability, we are referring to targeted actions including:

  • the use of sustainable mobility;
  • the reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • the reduction of waste production;
  • disposal through the correct separation of materials;
  • the certification of materials;
  • optimization of energy and water consumption;
  • the decision to adopt the ISO9001 certification for the correct verification of waste disposal.

4C Innovation, a part of the Cantalupi group, is a company that deals with the design and production of bespoke luxury lighting products for the nautical and residential sectors. As a company, 4C Innovation has achieved prestigious goals at an international level and has always held ecological issues and environmental protection in the highest regard.

A company that has chosen to follow the path of sustainability and to have a positive impact on the planet through: product innovation, emission reduction, a sustainable supply chain, certified materials, meticulous waste disposal, and the use of sustainable energies. A long-term strategy that supports the well-being of society and the environment. Precisely by virtue of these intentions 4C Innovation has undertaken measures to improve and contribute to environmental sustainability. The measures taken in detail include:

1. Sustainable mobility of goods and intermodal transport:                              

Sustainable mobility is a new type of mobility which, through smart intermodal transport strategies and the use of less polluting means, guarantees a significant reduction of the environmental impact. 4C Innovation uses a 90% local supply chain, guaranteeing better logistical efficiency, thus reducing pollution due to emissions;

2. Meticulous waste disposal for recycling:

Companies generally produce different types of waste than normal residential waste which must be taken over by private companies with the aim of reducing its danger to the environment. The potential environmental damage is eliminated with disposal in specific plants. 4C Innovation, for waste disposal, uses a company that takes care of the meticulous division of materials, verifying the company activity on a monthly basis and paying greater attention to the legal requirements;

3. Certified materials to avoid chemical contamination:

Certifications provide the customer with objective and clear information about the sustainability of a product and act as labels that guarantee the sustainability of the material. 4C Innovation is very scrupulous about certifications and only uses certified materials that have had samples rigorously tested to make sure that they are up to standard and that they have not undergone external contamination that alter their chemical components. Steel is an example of a material which can be harmful to the environment and to people.

4. Use of sustainable energy for the production process:

4C Innovation was born as the technological branch of the Cantalupi Group: and its main objective is to use innovative production processes to create products that gives optimal lighting performance with the lowest possible environmental impact. Sea LED is a series of underwater lighting products that will regenerate in the event that something breaks, thus bringing environmental damage to a minimum, while at the same time, sustainable energy, 70% generated by solar panels,  is used during the production process.

We are actively engaged in the search for the most innovative technological solutions both in the production of our products, and as a means to allow us to safeguard the environment, particularly regarding climate change and its effect on the seas and oceans, and the reduction of emissions.

To learn more about our sustainability policies, you can request information from the technical office who will be able to give you details on the whole design and manufacturing process of our lighting products for luxury residences and for yachts, super yachts and megayachts.